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Q: What happens if you turn yourself in for a hit and run?
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What is the penalty for a hit and run for the person doing the running?

Hit and run as you know is a very serious offence. Sometimes people panic and the first instinct is to run. If this is the case or the person has a change of heart they should turn themselves in because this will give them more bonus points in court.Killing someone in an accident is another story. If the person that hit/ran does not stay and assist in the accident or phone for an ambulance can be charged with vehicular man-slaughter. Either way, for the sake of the one who has hit/run it's still best to turn yourself in. It also gives some closure to the victim's family. While one may feel they "got away with it" and all will be well, they do have to live with themselves for the rest of their lives and that can be one heavy load to bear.AnswerTo answer the question, as the last answer didn't do: Hit and Run is a criminal offense. You would be subject to fines, jail time, and assuming you have insurance, significant rate increases or being cancelled altogether. On top of that, you could be sued by the owner of the damaged vehicle in civil court. Not a Crime in All States!Beleive it or not, in Kentucky, hit and run is not a crime.

Can you hit and run in Batgammon?

Yes you can hit and run. You may move your piece to safety

Why do baseball players run the bases counter clock wise?

because most people are right handed and when they hit the ball the run straight to first base...if you ran toward third base, you would have to turn backwards!!

Hit in run tactics used in the Guerrilla warfare?

Hit and run simply means=not staying to fight (not sticking around).

How far do you run if you hit a home run?

360 feet! - yoceb3

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What can I do if I left the scene of an accident?

Turn yourself into the police--hit and run is a crime.

What does it mean if you run into yourself?

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What happens if you hit a baseball?

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Should you turn yourself in if accused of hit and run but you didn't know you hit the car?

You don't have to turn yourself in necessarily but just provide your insurance information to the police. That's all they want (unless someone was injured). Call your insurance company and file a claim asap so they can start the investigation. Your insurance can protect you in case the other party tries to sue you.

What happens to my license if I am charged with a hit and run?

If you are charged with a hit and run, you will lost your license and have it suspended. There will be other consequences as well such as jail and fines.

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What can you do if you have liability insurance and the car that hit you has not been found?

If all you have is liability, you will have to pay for your repairs yourself. If the hit & run driver is caught, you will probably have to sue to get reimbursed.