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Bruce Jenner won gold at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal in the decathlon.

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Bruce only won one gold medal but in 1976 summer olympics he won a gold medal.

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In the 1976 Summer Olympics, Bruce Jenner won a gold medal in the Decathlon.

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Q: What event did American Bruce Jenner win his Olympic gold medal?
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What event did Bruce Jenner win a gold medal in?

He only won one medal in the Olympics and it was the gold medal

Bruce Jenner Rafer Johnson and Bill Toomey are winners of which olympic event?

Decathlon. Jenner won gold in 1976, Johnson in 1960, and Toomey in 1968.

Is tennis and Olympic event?

Yes it is a Olympic event :)

What was Jenner's best event?

Pole vault

Is swimming an Olympic event?

yes swimming is an olympic event

How much does Bruce Jenner make?

After the Olympics Jenner was the most popular athlete in the United States. Capitalizing on his fame, as well as his good looks, he made more money from winning a single event than any other athlete had before him, as he was widely sought after for commercials, promotions, and public appearances. He made a spectacular living simply being Bruce Jenner. Jenner appeared in movies, on television, was a sportscaster with ABC-TV, and co-authored two books, Decathlon Challenge: Bruce Jenner's Story (1977) and Bruce Jenner's Guide to Family Fitness(1978). Jenner met Kris Kardashian in 1990, and five months later they were husband and wife. Kris Jenner became the moving force behind a new family conglomerate that included their infomercials ("Super Fit with Bruce and Kris Jenner"), exercise machines, and Jenner's aircraft sales company. They also produced a video, Women's Self-Defense and Fitness Program. Meanwhile, Jenner continued to work as a motivational speaker for corporate audiences, spreading his message on "How to Compete Successfully in Life and in Business." According to promotional literature, the Jenners sold more than $450 million of fitness-related products by the late 1990s.

What is the ancient olympic event?

The Olympic Games.

When and why did rings stop being an olympic gymnastic event?

Rings is currently an Olympic event, it never stopped being an event.

What year did tennis become an Olympic event?

Tennis became an Olympic event the year of 1896

What is a weird Olympic event?

Race walking (a.k.a speed walking) is an olympic event. NO JOKE!

What is the ancient Olympic event called?

The Olympic Games.

Why is 50m butterfly not a real event?

I am not sure who told you this, but it is a real event! If your asking why it is not and olympic event, its is because it is to short and the Olympic Program has no time for it.