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this is what they wore after they had won

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Q: What did the the Ancient Greek athletes wear on their heads after winning?
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What were the ancient greek olnpic winners given?

The Greek athletes were given wreaths on their heads.

What did the winners of ancient greek Olympics put on their heads?

laurel wreaths

What was placed on the heads of winners in the ancient Greek Olympics?

A crown of olive leafs.

What happened to the losers in ancient greek Olympics?

They were awarded nothing and went home to their city-state hanging their heads.

What happened to the losers in the ancient greek Olympics?

They were awarded nothing and went home to their city-state hanging their heads.

Who were the heads of the families in ancient India?

The heads of the families in ancient India were the grandparents.

What is the big snake with 9 heads in Greek mythology?

The snake with nine heads in Greek mythology is called the hydra.

Does polycephaly mean many heads in Greek?

Yes, the word polycephaly does mean many heads in the Greek language.

What are the main causes of brain damage in athletes?

The most common cause of brain damage in athletes is a concussion. Concussions can happen when players butt heads as in football, use their heads to hit the ball as in soccer, or hit their heads on a playing surface after a fall.

What has the author Agnes Baldwin Brett written?

Agnes Baldwin Brett has written: 'Facing heads on ancient Greek coins' -- subject(s): Facing heads (Numismatics), Greek Coins 'Victory issues of Syracuse after 413 B.C' -- subject(s): Greek Antiquities, Greek Coins, Greek Numismatics 'The electrum and silver coins of Chios' 'Six Roman bronze medallions' -- subject(s): Numismatics, Roman Coins

Which island is famous for its large ancient statues of human heads?

Easter Island is known for some of their ancient statues of human heads.

Why do old Grecian sculptures not have heads or arms?

The greek sculptues dont have arms of head. most people thinks it is because they are old that is not completly correct. i am greek and acording to ancient greek history most of the sculptures were of greek gods. When the greek converted to christianity they still keep there sculptures and they wanted to keep them as a memory of the history. but the christians didn't like how they wanted to keep there sculptures of the old greek gods ( athena,zues, hates, etc.) becuase they were now christians and didn't belive in the old greek gods. the christians for other coutries had goten angry and cut the arms and heads of there sculptures. that is why the greek sculptures dont have arms and heads.

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