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The most medals won is Australia with 89 medals in 2006

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2010-10-09 22:10:34
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Q: What country has the most gold medals in one year?
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Which country holds he most gold medals won in a year?


What country has won the most Olympic gold medals in one year?

256 USA

Most gold medals by a country at an Olympics?

China Completely beet everyone with the amount of golds they won this year in 2008

Most gold olympic gold medals won in a single year?

to an individual athlete Michael Phelps 2008 - 8 gold medals

How many American gold medals were won from the 2000 Summer Olympics to present?

Team America won about 97 gold medals between 2000-present. The total amount of gold medals won in the year 2000 are greater than any other year for the most gold medals.

What country has won the most winter Olympic gold medals in a single year?

Canada. They won 14 Golds at the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Was 2004 the year Australia won the most medals at an Olympic Games?

Yes, the 17 gold medals won by Australia in 2004 was the most the Australian team had won in an Olympic Games. It was the 4th most gold medals won by a country at the 2004 Games, behind the United States with 36, China with 32, and Russia with 27.

What year did Australia win the most gold medals?

To date, Australia gained its largest win of Gold medals at the 2004 Athens Olympics, when it won 17 Gold. However, Australia's highest overall medal tally was at Sydney in 2000, when the country won a total of 58 medals, with 16 Gold, 25 Silver and 17 Bronze.

In what year did NZ win the most gold medals in the Olympics?

That was the 1984 Games in Los Angeles when New Zealand athletes won 8 gold medals.

Which country has won the most winter and summer Olympic medals?

which country has won the most olympic medals in one year combining winter and summer olympics .

Which country won the most gold medals in the 2011 Commonwealth Games?

The Commonwealth Games are held every four years and were held in 2010 and 2014. No medals were won in 2011 as the Games were not held that year.

What Olympic country won the most Olympic medals this year?


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