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A lot of countries actually. About 22 (including the US). click on the link below to Check out the list.

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Q: What countries watch the Super Bowl other than the US?
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How many wild card teams have won the Super Bowl?

7 wild card teams have won the Super Bowl. The 1969 Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowl IV The 1980 Oakland Raiders won Super Bowl XV. Other wild card teams to win the Super Bowl were - 1997 Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XXXII - 2000 Baltimore Ravens in Super Bowl XXV - 2005 Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XL - 2007 New York Giants in Super Bowl XLII - 2010 Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl XLV

How many Super Bowl rings does Bart Starr have?

Two. two is wrong! Starr won 5 championships but what he has is: 1 super bowl ring (67 super bowl II) 3 championship rings (61, 65,66) and in 1962 the NFL champions were awarded a watch. The 1966 season was the first super bowl, but the game was called the Afl NFl championship and they awarded a championship ring, not a super bowl ring.

What wild card teams have won the Super Bowl?

After Super Bowl XLII, five wild card teams have won the Super Bowl: Super Bowl XV - Oakland Raiders Super Bowl XXXII - Denver Broncos Super Bowl XXXV - Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl XL - Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl XLII- New York Giants

Does Dan Reeves haVe a Super Bowl ring?

Yes ... he has two rings. One came as a running back with the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl VI and the other came as offensive coordinator for the Cowboys in Super Bowl XII.

What Super Bowl teams has played against each other the most in the Super Bow?

Through Super Bowl XLIV, that is the Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers who have met in three Super Bowls: 1) Super Bowl X: Steelers 21, Cowboys 17 2) Super Bowl XIII: Steelers 35, Cowboys 31 3) Super Bowl XXX: Cowboys 27, Steelers 17

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