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The Philadelphia Eagles wore their White top, Green bottom jerseys.

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Q: What color jerseys the Eagles wear against the Cardinals in the NFC championship game?
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Who is bound to win cardinals or eagles?

cardinals 2008 NFC championship game - Cardinals 32, Eagles 25

What was the NFC championship score between eagles and cardinals?

The score was Cardinals 32 and Eagles 25.

Who ran the only touchdown against the Chicago Cardinals in the Eagles championship win?

Steve Van Buren

Who ran for the only touchdown against the Chicago Cardinals in the Eagles first championship win?

Steve Van Buren

Have cardinals ever played for a football championship?

Yes, They played for the NFL Championship in 1947 and 1948. They verse the Eagles both times. In 1947, the Cardinals won 28-21. In 1948, the Eagles won, giving the Cardinals there only lost. They where 13-1

How many wins do the Arizona Cardinals have so far this season?

As of the 2008 season, the cardinals went 9-7. they have currently won 2 playoff games. They will be playing against the Eagles in the NFC Championship.

Why did the Eagles lose to the Cardinals in the 2009 NFC Championship game?

because god hates me

The first eagles championship win?

That was 1948 when the Eagles defeated the Chicago Cardinals in the NFL Championship Game, 7-0.Currently the Eagles have winless in the Super Bowl in 1980 and 2004 there last championship would be in 1960 before it was called the Super Bowl

Which eagles player ran for the only touchdown against the cardinals for the Eagles first championship win?

Steve Van Buren, who was the best running back of all time. He played for the Eagles his whole career. For more information, look up Who is Steve Van Buren.

When was Last playoff game won by the eagles?

The last playoff game won by the Philadelphia Eagles was on Sunday, January 11, 2008 against the New York Giants for the Division Championships. The Eagles won 23-11. They lost the following week to the Cardinals for the Conference Championship.

What jerseys will the Philadelphia Eagles wear this week?

they will be wearing white jerseys green pants comeon eagles spank them giants

When was the last time Arizona Cardinals in champon ship game?

The Arizona Cardinals have never played in a championship game. The Chicago Cardinals played in the 1947 and 1948 NFL Championship. They beat the Eagles 28-21 in 1947 but lost 7-0 to them in 1948.

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