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White jersey with green pants

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Q: What color jersey will Philadelphia Eagles wear in Atlanta?
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Which sport team jersey uses the color Cyan?

The Philadelphia Eagles' jerseys use cyan

What color is the home jersey for the Philadelphia Eagles?

They wear a green shirt with a white number, and white pants.

What are the Philadelphia Eagles team color?

the philadelphia eagles team color is green.Nope:The official colors are called Midnight Green with the secondary being silverThe Previous color was Kelly Green

What color is the away jersey for the Philadelphia Eagles?

The away jersey of the Philadelphia Eagles is much like the home jersey except the colors are reversed. On the home jerseys there is dark green and the number, logo, and name is white, on the away jersey IT IS WHITE AND THE NUMBER, LOGO, AND NAME IS DAEK GREEN. Also the alternate jerseys are the same as the home jerseys, except the dark green is replaced with black.

How and why did green become the primary color for the Philadelphia Eagles?

It is green for the Irish.

What color green is closet to midnight green the Philadelphia Eagles color?

Try a blue color Try a blue color

What color jersey are the eagles wearing in NFC Championship game?

white their at Arizona

What color jersey did Brett Favre wear with Atlanta Falcons?


Why are the Philadelphia Eagles kelly green?

If I were to guess it would be that Green was the primary color of the room when they signed the Deceleration of Independence in Philadelphia.

What color Dallas jersey do you wear to Dallas eagles game?

Home white, Away Blue

What color jersey will the eagles where today against the vikings?

Their white on green uniforms, as they are not playing at home.

What colours are Philadelphia Eagles sweatshirts?

The Philadelphia Eagles Sweatshirts come in two different color patterns. One shirt is green trimmed in black, and the other one is black trimmed in green.

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