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Q: What city was the home for Canada's Blue Jays?
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What was the home city for the Canada's blue jays in 1995?


How many home runs did the blue jays get in the year 2009?

The Toronto Blue Jays as a team hit 209 home runs in 2009

Where does blue jays make its home?

In trees!

What are the home of the blue jays in Canada?


How many home wins did the 1998 blue jays have?

51. The 1998 Blue Jays went 51-30 at home and 37-44 on the road.

How many home runs do the 2010 Toronto Blue Jays have?

Through September 25, 2010, the Toronto Blue Jays have 241 home runs.

Which team plays its home games outside the us Pittsburgh Pirates Texas Rangers Toronto Blue Jays or New York Yankees?

Toronto Blue Jays (in Canada).

Which baseball team plays its home games in foreign country Pittsburgh Pirates Texas Rangers Toronto Blue Jays Blue Jays New York Yankees?

blue jays

Where do the Toronto Blue Jays hold spring training?

KNOLOGY PARK, Dunedin, Florida, home ground of the Blue Jays Class A affiliate the Dunedin Blu Jays.

How many home runs has Jose Bautista Hit with he Jays?

He's Hit 133 home runs with the Blue Jays

Where do the Toronto Blue Jays host their home games?

The Blue Jays play their home games at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It was formerly known as SkyDome.

All Time Home Run champion of Blue Jays?

It's Carlos Delgado, who hit 336 home runs as a member of the Blue Jays from 1993 to 2004.