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Q: What cities are bidding for the 2026 Olympics?
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When is the next time the us holds the Olympics?

The USA Olympic council has announced that it is thinking of bidding to host the 2024 or 2026 Olympics. The cities that might be host are Bozeman, Montana; Denver, Colorado; Reno - Lake Tahoe, Nevada; and Salt Lake City, Utah

Will there be Olympics in 2026?

Yes, there will be a Winter Olympics held in 2026.

What cities are bidding for 2020 Olympics?

turkey japan morroco italy

What 3 cities were bidding for the 2010 winter Olympics?

Vancouver, Canada PyeongChang, South Korea Salzburg, Austria

Who hosts the world cup in 2026?

It is to far ahead, But 2014 is Brazil, 2018 is Russia, and 2022 is Qatar. The bidding for the 2026 fifa world cup hasnt even started

Why were the Olympic games held in Germany?

Because Berlin won the normal bidding process of the time for the 1936 Olympics, and Münich won the normal bidding process of the time for the 1972 Olympics.

What is the process of selecting the host city for the Olympics?

The Bid / Bidding

When is the US holding the next Olympics?

At this point we really don't know although can say that it won't be until 2016 at the earliest. The 2010 Winter Games are scheduled for Vancouver and the 2014 Winter Games will be held in Russia. The 2012 Summer Games will be in London. The next Games to be awarded are the 2016 games. The only US city bidding on them is Chicago. The site of the 2016 Games will be selected by the IOC in early October, 2009.

When can Britain bit for the Olympics again?

2024 has the bidding is still open

Why will the 2012 Olympics be located in London?

Bidding and the highest number - London! (:

Why was the 2012 Olympics held in London?

Because London won the bidding

Chicago is working to become the host city for the Olympics in what year?

Chicago is bidding to host the Summer Olympics in 2016.