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Pittsburgh Steelers & Philadephia Eagles

Art Rooney founded the Pittsburgh Steelers (originally the Pittsburgh Pirates).

later, he sold the Pittsburgh franchise and bought 70% of the Philadephia Eagles franchise.

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2010-03-26 20:15:30
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Q: What are the two NFL teams that Art Rooney owned?
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Who owns NFL teams?

the owners the steelers are owned by the Rooney family

How long have the Rooney's owned the Pittsburgh Steelers team?

Art Rooney purchased the NFL franchise in 1933. The Rooney family till today still own the Steelers. Dan Rooney (Art's son) is the Chairman and Dan's son, Art Rooney II is the President.

How many nfl teams are owned by the fans?


How are NFL teams owned?

well theyre not i own them all

Who owns The Steelers nfl team?

Art Rooney. but the team is being passed to his son

How old of a franchise is The Pittsburgh Steelers in the NFL?

The franchise in Pittsburgh was originally owned by Art Rooney Sr. and was originally named the Pittsburgh Pirates. The franchise was bought in 1933 and the name was changed to the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1940. The franchise has been in the Rooney family ever since its existance.

How do you buy stock in an NFL team?

NFL teams are not publicly traded and are mostly privately owned. The only publicly owned team is the Green Bay Packers.

How long were the Pittsburgh Steelers in the NFL?

The Steelers were founded by Art Rooney Sr. on July 8, 1933.

When did the Pittsburgh Steelers join the NFL?

The Steelers were founded by Art Rooney Sr. on July 8, 1933.

When were the Pittsburgh Steelers established?

The fifth-oldest franchise in the NFL, the Steelers were founded as the Pittsburgh Pirates on July 8, 1933, by Art Rooney. The ownership of the Steelers has remained within the Rooney family since its founding. The current owner is Art's son, Dan Rooney, who has given much control of the franchise to his son Art Rooney II.

What year did the NFL's Pittsburgh Steelers become a team?

The Steelers were founded by Art Rooney Sr. on July 8, 1933.

What team has the NFL owned the longest?

The NFL doesn't really own teams. Each team is owned either by a city or by a single person. Sometimes, they are owned by groups of people. The oldest current owner is Bill Bidwill of the Arizona Cardinals, who has owned them since 1972.

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