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there are rules it just depends on what event you are swimming

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Q: What are the rules of swimming?
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What are the main rules in swimming?

what are the main rules in swimming

What are the swimming rules for the London 2012 Olympics?

what are the rules for the swimming in the olympics 2012 london

What r the rules 4 swimming?

there's a whole ton of rules set up by usa swimming and also international rules

Rules and regulations for swimming?

Go to the web address for the Official 2010 USA Swimming Rules and Regulations.

What are some rules for swimming?

Some Rules For Swimming Is;1.You Have To Be Atleast 4 Or 5.2.You Have To Have The Following;-Goggles.-Towel.-BathingSuit.-A Pool.-Lifeguard Or Swimming Partner.

What are the rules for Paralympic swimming?


What rules are the same for swimming and gymnastics?

i do not kown

Rules and regulations in a swimming pool?

Each public and private swimming pool will have their own rules and regulations. Some rules may be no diving, no children under a specific age, and no alcohol.

What are rules at a swimming pool for?

They are used to keep you safe. You must follow your pool's rules.

What is the Rules and regulations for swimming?

You have to wear a bathing suit

What were the rules in Ancient Rome?

no swimming no stealing no kissing

Why are rules so important in swimming?

Rules are important in swimming because without rules you can risk your life, especially in this sport. As well as this, nothing can run smoothly without rules. So rules are an important part of the game. There is always a betterment in rules. Of course, somebody experienced must have made them, so there is no point in not following them.

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