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The story is said about Muhammad Ali (aka Cassius Clay) that after he was refused to be served at a whites only restaurant he threw his gold medal into the Ohio River. Others claim that he lost it and the story is not true. He did receive a new gold medal in 1996 at the Olympic games in Atlanta.

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Muhammad Ali.

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Q: What Olympic Gold medal winner threw his medal in the Ohio River?
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Why did Muhammad Ali throw his Olympic gold medal in the Ohio river?

He threw it in because he went into a restaurant with his medal on. If you won any gold medals you were considered amazing in your local community. He went in and the manager said "We don't accept black people." He then went to the Ohio River and threw the medal in. It has never been found.

Which Famous boxer threw his medal into a river as a act of protism?

Muhhammad Ali threw his gold medal in the river Ohio, for he wasn't allowed into a restaurent.

Why mohd ali threw his medal in river?

Clay threw the medal in the Ohio river, because a story goes he was not allowed to be served at a hotel as it was served only the whites.

Which river did Muhammad Ali through his Gold Medal?

Muhammad Ali threw his gold medal in thew Ohio River.

How many olympic medals did Muhammad ali win?

he won one medal and threw it in the river after being refused in a restoraunt

What was given to the winners of ancient olympic games?

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What boxer was presented with a gold medal at the 1996 Olympic games to replace the one he threw away years earlier?

Muhammad Ali.

How many medals did muhammad ali?

to my knowledge he won a gold medal at the Olympics which he apparently threw in the river after he was refused service in a restuarant because of his colour

Where did Muhammad ali win his olympic medal?

Ali won the olympic gold medal in the light heavyweight division at the 1960 rome Olympics, then turned pro that same year. He threw his medal into the river after being refused entry into a whites only restaurant in his home town of Louisville. But was given another one at the 1996 games in Atlanta GA.

Why did Cassius Clay throw his gold medal in the river?

Ali was incredibly proud of the gold medal he won in the the 1960 Rome Olympics. People said he wore it all the time. One day he while wearing the medal he was refused service at a Louisville restaurant.That incident prompted him to throw the medal into the Ohio River.

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