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The Steelers are the only team that has 6 Super Bowl rings. :)

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2009-09-28 01:30:45
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Q: What NFL teams have 6 Super Bowl rings?
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What NFL teams have 5 super bowl rings?

Dallas Cowboys

What NFL teams have six Super Bowl rings?

The Pittsburgh Steelers are the first to do it.

What NFL players has Super Bowl rings with different teams?

drew bledsoe

How many Super Bowl rings does Charles Haley have?

Charles Haley has five Super Bowl rings. He is the only player in NFL history to play on five winning Super Bowl teams.

When did they start giving rings to losers in the super bowl?

NFL team do not give rings to teams that lose the Super Bowl. Losing teams get a Conference Championship ring for wining their conference championship game, but not one for participating in the Super Bowl.

Which nfl team has the least Super Bowl rings?

Which nfl team has the least super bowl rings?

What NFL teams have the most Super Bowl rings and how many?

Pittsburgh Steelers with 6 rings in Superbowl 43 (XLIII)

Which NFL player has won the most Super Bowl rings by playing on different teams?

Linebacker Matt Milan is the only player to earn Super Bowl rings with three different teams -- the Raiders, the 49ers and the Redskins.

How many NFL wildcard teams have made it to the Super Bowl?

Eight NFL wildcard teams have made it to the Super Bowl.

What are the names of NFL teams that have more than five Super Bowl rings?

As of the 2007 season, no team has more than five rings. Dallas, San Francisco, and Pittsburgh each have won five Super Bowl rings.

How many NFL teams have 4 Super Bowl rings?

The Green Bay Packers have four Super Bowl rings. Only three teams have more, the Dallas Cowboys (five), the San Francisco 49ers (five) and the Pittsburgh Steelers (six).

How many NFL teams have 5 Super Bowl rings?

3 Steelers (6) 49ers (5) Cowboys (5)

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