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Dan Marino set many, many NFL records. Click on the 'NFL Records set by Dan Marino' link on this page to see a list of NFL records Marino set and tied, some of which have since been broken.

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Q: What NFL records does Dan Marino hold?
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Who hold more records in the nfl Brett Favre or Dan Marino?

brett favre

Did Dan Marino play in the MLB?

no he played in the NFL

Which NFL quarterback has NO Super Bowl rings?

Dan marino

What hobbies or jobs did Dan Marino have as a child?

Dan Marino used to give hand jobs out in Pittsburgh as a kid until he became a loser in the NFL.

How many years did Dan Marino in the NFL?

17, all with the Dolphins.

What NFL quarterback has the least rushing yards?

Dan Marino

Did Dan Marino ever win the MVP award in the NFL?


What quarterback has the most 4 touchdown games in NFL history?

favre and marino are tied

Which nfl player currently has the longest pass?

Dan Marino(99 yards)

What was dan marino selected number what overall?

27th in the 1983 NFL Draft.

What is the value of a Buffalo Bills NFL football signed by Dan Marino?


How much does dan marino make?

Former NFL legend Dan Marino is estimated to be worth 35 million dollars as of 2014. However, his annual salary is not listed.