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Joseph Stalin had several five-year plans to assist in the development of the USSR.

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Joseph Stalin

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Q: What European leader created a Five Year plan based on Communist ideology that required workers to double or triple production to modernize their nation?
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Why did many Eastern European countries become associated with USSR?

Eastern European countries became communist, which was a political ideology modernized by the USSR.

What is the definition of a communist ideology?

Communist ideology is a political and economic theory advocating for a classless society where the means of production are owned and controlled by the community as a whole. It emphasizes the elimination of private property and the redistribution of wealth to achieve equality among individuals.

What is the opposite of communist manifesto?

The opposite of the Communist Manifesto would likely be a text or ideology promoting capitalism or individual ownership of the means of production. Capitalist Manifesto could be considered as providing a contrasting perspective to the Communist Manifesto.

What role did Radio Free Europe play in Western countries' Cold War strategy?

Answer this question… It undermined communist ideology in communist countries.

What ideology did Stalin support?

communist ideologies

What did the American communist party have in common with the soviet communist party?

Both advocated state capitalism, where the government owns the means of production and most people still have to work for a wage. They did not stand for Communism, which means that abolition of the wages system and establishment of a classless society.

Which did NOT contribute to a sense of national unity among the people of the Philippines?

Communist ideology

Which ideology would a Communist most directly oppose?


It was felt that a stronger Germany would prevent this to the west?

Communist ideology .

What is an example of an ideological party?

The Communist Party, which is based on the ideology of communism and seeks to establish a classless society where the means of production are owned by the community as a whole, is an example of an ideological party.

What new political ideology was adopted in Russia between after Russia withdrew from WW1?

The main ideology change came to Russia. The leader of the revolt against the provisional government set up after the czar abdicated was Lenin. He was instrumental in trying to start a communist government built upon the writings of Karl Marx. This entailed the effort of the new communist government to own or control all the means of production in Russia.

When the communists under Mao took over china in 1949 they support a country and its ideology?

China supports many countries after the communist party took control in 1949. They support the communist movements in Malaysia and Vietnam. The ideology is communism.