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1- Indy

2- sd

3- pats




steelers will beat he ravens

Bengals will beat ne

steelers will beat Bengals

Indy will beat sd

Indy will beat steelers


1- saints

2- vikings

3- eagles

4- cards

5- pack

6- cowboys

eagles will beat the cowboys

pack will beat the cards

pack will beat the eagles

vikings will beat the saints

vikings will beat the pack


Indy vs vikings

viking superbowl champs

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Q: Teams for the AFC and NFC playoffs?
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Who are the four wild card teams in the playoffs?

NFC - Saints / Packers AFC - Ravens / Jets

Who decides the Super Bowl MVP?

There are two groups of football teams: AFC and NFC. The teams with the most wins in the AFC go against each other in the Playoffs for the title of AFC Champions. The teams with the most wins in the NFC go against each other in the Playoffs for the title of NFC Champions. The AFC Champion team and the NFC Champion team are the teams in the Super Bowl.

What two teams have the home field advantage for the entire NFL playoffs?

The New Orleans Saints in the NFC and the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC.

How many nfl teams get a bye in the playoffs?

Well, there are four division leaders from the AFC, and four leaders from the NFC. Then there are four wild cards that play the number 3 and four division leaders. The number 1 and 2 division leaders get a bye. Two teams from the AFC and two teams from the NFC gain a 1st round bye

What was the last 4 teams in the 2008 NFL playoffs?

2008-2009 Season, Baltimore Ravens (AFC)Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC)Arizona Cardinals (NFC)Philadelphia Eagles (NFC)The Steelers won against the Ravens and the Cardinals won against the Eagles.

Can two AFC teams be in the super bowl?

no the super bowl must be an AFC team against an NFC team

How many states have teams in the NFC and the AFC?


What is the difference between AFC and NFC?

Besides the teams that are in them none. Many people say the AFC has better teams.

How many wild card teams are there in NFL?

In its current structure, the NFL has 4 Wild Card (non-division winners) teams advance to the Playoffs each year, 2 from the NFC, and 2 from the AFC.

How many states have teams in both the AFC and NFC?


Is the home team of Super Bowl XLVII NFC or AFC?

NFC teams are the home team in odd numbered years. AFC teams are the home team in even numbered years. Since the upcoming Super Bowl will be played in 2008, the AFC team will be the home team.

Do NFC and AFC teams play each other in the regular season?

AFC and NFC are the two conferences in the NFL. Teams play against each other throughout the pre-season and regular season. During the playoffs, teams only play other teams from their conference, until the Superbowl, where one team from each conference play each other for the Championship.