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What country first proposed the winter olympic games as separate from the traditional olympic games

How did the athletes prepare for the ancient olympic games

What other events were included in the ancient olympic games after the first ancient olympic games

Who ended the ancient olympic games

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Q: Rebecca Lobo won an Olympic gold medal in what sport?
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When was the women's basketball program established at UCONN?

it became well known in 1995 because they won their first national championship with rebecca lobo

What is a brief history of badminton?

it is came from Lobo

Who won sports personality of the year in 1996?

rebeca lobo

How did Porfirio Lobo Sosa become leader?

He was elected President in 2006. To become leader he had to kill the previous president and his entire family including 4 children. Also, he had to purchase a body guard to make sure he was not killed while trying to become President. Nobody wanted him because he was Communist.

Driving distance Seville Spain to Lisbon Portugal?

460 km (286mi) - about 4 hours 8 mins Seville, Spain to Lisbon, Portugal1. Head northwest on Paseo de las Delicias toward Calle Almirante Lobo 22 m2. Continue on Paseo de Cristóbal Colón 0.7 km3. Turn right at Calle Reyes Católicos 0.1 km4. Take the 3rd left onto Calle Marqués de Paradas 0.3 km5. Turn left at Plaza de la Legión 0.1 km6. Continue on Av Cristo de la Expiriación 0.4 km7. Slight right at Calle Odiel 0.5 km8. Turn right 0.1 km9. Turn right toward A-49 1.3 km10. Continue straight onto A-49Entering Portugal 133 km11. Continue on A22 79.9 km12. Take exit 10 toward Messines/Lisboa 0.5 km13. Merge onto A2Partial toll road 234 km14. Continue on IP7Toll road 4.6 km15. Take the exit toward Praça Comércio/Belém/Alcântara 1.0 km16. Slight right at Praça Gen. Domingos de Oliveira 0.2 km17. Take the 3rd right onto R. João de Oliveira Miguéns 0.2 km18. Take the 1st left onto Av. 24 de Julho 0.3 km19. Turn left at Av. 24 de Julho/N6Continue to follow Av. 24 de Julho 2.4 km20. Slight left at Cais do Sodré 0.2 km21. Continue on Av. da Ribeira das Naus 0.6 km22. Turn left at Praça do Comércio 12 mLisbon, Portugal

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