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In the NFL through the 2009 season that is Hall of Famer Fran Tarkenton who threw 239 TD passes with the Minnesota Vikings and 103 TD passes with the New York Giants and Kurt Warner with 102 TD passes for the St. Louis Rams and 100 for the Arizona Cardinals (through 15 games of the 2009 season).

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Q: Qurterback who have thrown 100 td with 2 team?
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Who has thrown the most TD passes in their career?

Brett Farve, 499

What was the highest number of TD thrown by Dan Marino in a season?


What quarterback has not thrown a TD pass in a Super Bowl?

Kerry Collins

What quarterbacks have thrown for over 40 touchdowns?

Tom Brady in 2007 (50 TD's) Peyton Mannin in 2004 (49 TD's) Dan Marino in 1984 (48 TD's) and 86' (44 TD's) Kurt Warner in 1999 (41 TD's)

How many touchdown passes has Matt Cassel thrown in 2007?

Football Reference credited Matt Cassel with 0 TD passes in the 2007 season. In his 3 seasons with the Patriots he has thrown 2 TD passes, both in the 2005 season. He did score 1 rushing TD in 2007.

How many tds has Tom Brady thrown each year?

2000: 0 TD's 2001: 18 TD's 2002: 28 TD's 2003: 23 TD's 2004: 28 TD's 2005: 26 TD's 2006: 24 TD's 2007: 50 TD's 2008: 0 TD's 2009: 28 TD's 2010: 36 TD's 2011: 39 TD's 2012: 34 TD's 2013: 25 TD's THat's a total of 359 over the course of his 13 seasons in the NFL

What QB has thrown most TD passes in one game?

Drew brees 7

What is the most TD passes an Ohio State QB has thrown in a single season?


What is the most TD passes an Alabama QB has thrown in a single game?

Gary Hollingsworth, 5

How many 0 touchdown pass game does Brett Favre have?

Through 10 games of the 2010 season, Favre has played in 51 regular season games where he did not throw a TD pass and 248 regular season games where he threw one or more TD passes. In the playoffs, he has not thrown a TD pass in 2 games and has thrown one or more in 22 games.

What is the address of TD Banknorth Garden?

TD Banknorth Garden 100 Legends Way Boston, MA 02114

What Washington Redskins QB has thrown the most Touchdown Passes in one game?

The Redskins team record for TD passes in a single game is 6 and held jointly by Sammy Baugh, who did it twice (1943, 1947), and Mark Rypien (1991).