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Q: Players whose surnames begin with n who played under jack charlton for Ireland?
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Six players who played under jack charlton with surnames beginning with s?


Five players who played under jack charlton with surnames beginning with s?

slevin, sheedy, staughton, stapleton and sheridan

What four football players have played for England wales Scotland and northern Ireland and their surnames end in 'i'?

Lou macari was one, for Scotland

Which geordie played for England and managed the republic of Ireland?

Jack Charlton.

Name 6 players who have won the world cup and played for man united?

They are Lauren Blanc, Fabian Barthez, Bobby Charlton, Jackie Charlton, Terry Butcher.

How many Irish players played for Liverpool and Ireland when jack charlton was manager?

As far as myself and my husband can tell the following definitely played for Liverpool and for Ireland under Jack Charlton: 1. Steve Staunton 2. Phil Babb 3. Mark Lawrenson 4. Ray Houghton 5. Jason McAteer 6. Ronnie Whelan 7. John Aldridge 8. Jim Beglin 9. Mark Kennedy 10. Michael Robinson 11. Ken de Mange (was a Liverpool player for 4 seasons but never played in a competitive first team game - played for the reserves. Made two substitute appearances under Jack Charlton for Ireland)

How many black players have played football for Ireland?


Where does the players play in the All Ireland final?

The All-Ireland finals are played in Croke Park in Dublin.

How is bobby charlton related to jackie charlton?

Jack Charlton and Bobby Charlton are brothers, who played soccer for England.

7 players who played in both the Merseyside and Manchester derbies who have also won the Champions League?

Pele Moore giggs charlton

What sport did Eddie Charlton play?

Eddie Charlton played Snooker and Billiards.

Name Celtic players surnames starting with Y?

No player with the last name beginning with the letter Y has ever played for the Boston Celtics of the NBA.

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