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red sox

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Q: Phillies or Red Sox
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What team is the phillies interleague rival?

Red Sox

Was Cy Young on the Yankees?

no.he was on the dodgers phillies red sox

What was the first world series of the Philadelphia Phillies?

1915 against the Boston Red Sox ... the Red Sox won 4 games to 1.

Who is better the Boston Red Sox or the Philadelphia phillies?

The Phillies have appeared in two of the last three World Series (winning the world championship in 2008). The Red Sox haven't appeared in a World Series since 2007. The advantage goes to the Phillies for now.

How much is a 1955 Red Sox vs Phillies ticket worth?

Interleague play did not occur in 1955, so the Red Sox did not play the Phillies during the regular season. They may have meet in a Spring training or exhibition game.

What hotel do the Philadelphia Phillies stay at when playing the Boston Red Sox?

Mostly Holiday Inns

Phillies vs Red Sox 2008 record?

The Phillies and Red Sox played one three game series against each other in the 2008 season, that on June 16, 17, and 18 in Philadelphia. Boston won two of the three games.

What team did Tim McCarver play for?

1959-1961 and 1963-1969: St. Louis Cardinals 1970-1971: Philadelphia Phillies 1972: Philadelphia Phillies, Montreal Expos 1973: St. Louis Cardinals 1974: St. Louis Cardinals, Boston Red Sox 1975: Boston Red Sox, Philadelphia Phillies 1976-1980: Philadelphia Phillies

Who are the Last five World Series winners?

Through 2008: 2008 - Philadelphia Phillies 2007 - Boston Red Sox 2006 - St. Louis Cardinals 2005 - Chicago White Sox 2004 - Boston Red Sox Through 2010: 2010 - San Francisco Giants 2009 - New York Yankees 2008 - Philadelphia Phillies 2007 - Boston Red Sox 2006 - St. Louis Cardinals

What year did the Phillies first go to the world series?

1915 ... they lost to the Red Sox 4 games to 1.

What team is Jonathan papelbon on?

He currently plays with the Philadelphia Phillies, but he played for some years with the Boston Red Sox.

Last decade's worth of world series winners?

'02 Angels '03 Marlins '04 Red Sox '05 White Sox '06 Cardinals '07 Red Sox '08 Phillies '09 Yankees '10 Giants '11 Cardinals

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