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Kurt Warner, 414 yards vs. Tennessee Titans (only QB to pass for 400+ yards in the Super Bowl; also owns 2nd and 3rd highest yardage total in Super Bowl with 377 against the Pittsburgh Steelers and 365 against the New England Patriots).

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As of Super Bowl XLII: Most Career Passing Yards: Joe Montana - 1142

Most Career Rushing Yards: Franco Harris - 354

Most Career Receiving Yards: Jerry Rice - 589

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Kurt Warner 414

Kurt Warner 377

Kurt Warner 357

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Q: List of players for most passing yards in Super Bowl?
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What is the average total yards passing in super bowl?

296 passing yards.

Who are the players with super bowl appearances and over 4000 yards passing the same year?

Drew Brees and Peyton Manning

Who as a quarterback has the most passing yardage in a Super Bowl?

Kurt Warner owns the record for most passing yards in a single Super Bowl game (414 yards vs. Tennessee Titans in Super Bowl XXXIV, which made him the only QB to pass for 400+ yards in the Super Bowl)

Who is the quarterback that won two super bowls passing for less than 100 yards and lost one super bowl passing for more than 100 yards?

Bob Griese of the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins lost Super Bowl VI and Griese had 134 passing yards. The Dolphins won Super Bowl VII with Griese passing for 88 yards and Super Bowl VIII when Griese had 73 passing yards. It should be noted that Griese threw only 11 passes (completing 8) in Super Bowl VII and only 7 passes (completing 6) in Super Bowl VIII. The Dolphins rushed for 184 yards in SB VII and 196 yards in SB VIII.

Who is winning Super Bowl quarterback with lowest passing yards?


How many passing yards Eli Manning had in the 2012 super bowl?


How many passing yards did the New Orleans Saints have during the Super Bowl XLIV?

288 Passing yards QB - Drew Brees

Which Quarter Back has the most passing yards in a Super Bowl?

In Super Bowl XLVII, played on February 3, 2013, Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49ers passed for the most yards (302).The MVP was Joe Flacco, who was the quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens, he passed for 287 yards.

Which quarterback had the most passing yards in the 2012 super bowl?

Eli Manning.

How many passing yards did each team have in super bowl 3?

1,704 yars

How many Super Bowl passing yards does Joe Montana have?

1,142 with 11 touchdowns.

Who has amassed the most super bowl passing yards?

Ne ha wah Johnson