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Yes, all teams who qualify for the FIFA World Cup are given prize money in addition to money to cover preparation costs. The amount awarded increases as a team places higher in the tournament.

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Q: Is there prize money for the team who wins the FIFA World Cup?
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Does FIFA pay the expenses for teams in the World Cup?

Each team must pay its own way to reach the World Cup event every four years. However, FIFA provides prize money later on for the competitors.

What is the prize for achieving third place in the FIFA World Cup?

The team that places third will receive a $20-million reward.

How much is the Prize Money for World cup team Winner?

30 Million dollars.

How much money do 2010 FIFA World Cup winners get?

Prize money for the 2010 FIFA World CupIn addition to bragging rights for four years, Spain received a replica FIFA World Cup Trophy and USD $30 million in prize money. FIFA's recent policy states that champions do not receive the actual trophy, but a replica instead. The winning team's country and the year are engraved on the actual trophy in the country's national language (i.e. for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, the engraving would be España 2010.) For just qualifying, all 32 teams get $1 million from FIFA to cover costs of competing. Those who are eliminated from the Group Stage take home $8 million each (16 teams). USD (United States currency) is handed out to other top teams as follows.$9 million - each team exiting after the Round of 16 (8 teams)$14 million - each team exiting after the Quarter-finals (4 teams)$18 million - fourth placed team$20 million - third placed team$24 million - runner-up$30 million - FIFA World championFor confirmation, click on the "Related Link" below and look under "Prize money".

NBA prize money?

there is no NBA prize money bu the team may give you a pay raise.

What is the importance of the FIFA World Cup?

the importance of the FIFA World Cup is to see who the best soccer team in the world is

Who is the best team in FIFA 2010 world cup in Africa?

Brazil is the number 1 FIFA ranking team.

Is Manchester city the best team in FIFA 12?

The best rated team in FIFA 12 is World XI, which is a team with the best rated eleven people in the world.

How many times did Barcelona won FIFA world club?

Barcelona is not a team in the fifa world cup

What is the prize offered at the World Cup?

The team which wins the World Cup receives the FIFA World Cup Trophy. The trophy, first introduced in 1983, is made of 18 karat gold and has a malachite base.

What team won the FIFA World Cup?


What is the prize money for World Cup MVP?

The total amount paid to the winning world cup team, that is Spain was 30 million pounds.

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