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Brazil have been world champions at football. They have won five times.

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Q: What sports have Brazil been world champions?
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What are some brazilian f1 drivers?

There have been 30 Formula One drivers from Brazil including three world champions.

How many times have the packers been world champions?

the packers have been world champions 12 times

How many times have the patriots been world champions?


How many times has Brazil featured in the world cup?

Brazil has been in every 16 world cups that were held.

How many times has Brazil been in the world cup?

Brazil have entered the world cup 18 times! This was answered is 2010!

Has the world cup been in France?

Yes in 1988. where France emerged as the champions

What football team has been World and European Champions at the same time?


How many times have Brazil been in the world cup?

They have been 18 times to the world cup.

How many appearances has Brazil had in the World Cup?

Brazil has participated in every World Cup so far. There have been 18 World Cups as of now.

How many times Brazil been in the world cup?

18 times. Brazil is the only team to have played in every world cup.

Most famous trophy in sports world?

The most important trophy in field hockey is the Champions Trophy. The event, seen as a key warm up for this year's London Olympics, has now been won five times by Argentina.

How long has the team Brazil been existence?

Brazil have been existing for many years, the team was there before the 1930 world cup even.