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No, he is not in the NFL Hall of Fame.

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โˆ™ 2009-03-07 23:04:52
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Q: Is ladanian tomlinson a hall of fame RB?
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Who was the MVP in 2006 in the NFL?

Ladanian Tomlinson (RB, San Diego Chargers)

Why is Walter Payton in the hall of fame?

becuas ehe was the best rb ever

Who is one of the RB's that ran for the most TD's in WAC history?

in Ladanian Tomlinson's career as an NCAA player at TCU (WAC conference) he and many others ran for 50 TD's Ladanian also has the record for most TD's in an NFL season with 31

Who was the youngest American Football hall of fame inductee?

For the Pro Football Hall of Fame, that is RB Gale Sayers of the Chicago Bears who was inducted in 1977 at the age of 34.

Who is the best runningback?

The best RB in 2009 is a fight between Ladanian Tomlinson,of the (San Diego Chargers) and Adrian Peterson of the (Minnesota Vikings). WHAT! Ladanian Tomlinson is on his eighth year, is old, his numbers have dropped, and san Diego just cut him, and no one yet has offered him anything! Adrian Peterson and Chris Johnson (Tennesse Titans) are tied but I think Adrian is the best.

Who was the 1st person to be inducted number 1 draft pick in the nfl hall of fame?

The first overall #1 draft choice elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame was RB Bill Dudley who was selected first by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1942 and elected to the HoF in 1966.

How many NFL Hall of Fame players came from the University of Pittsburgh?

In the Pro Football Hall of Fame, 6. LB Joe Schmidt, TE Mike Ditka, RB Tony Dorsett, QB Dan Marino, LB Rickey Jackson, G Russ Grimm

Who is the best running back fo all time?

There are so many GREAT running backs. I personally think Ladanian Tomlinson is good. Adrian Peterson is the new upcoming RB...he had a 290 something total rushing yards in a game vs San Diego Chargers.

Is rb singer aaron hall dead?

No, Aaron Hall is not dead.

How many Hall of Fame football players went to college at PSU?

There are 5 players from Penn State in the Pro Football Hall of Fame ... 1) OL Mike Michalske inducted in 1964. 2) RB/WR Lenny Moore inducted in 1975. 3) LB Jack Ham inducted in 1988. 4) RB Franco Harris inducted in 1990. 5) OL Mike Munchak inducted in 2001.

How tall is rb singer aaron hall?


What was the highest scoring fantasy football players last year?

LT - LaDainian Tomlinson, S.D. RB

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