Is NBA elite 11 a video game?

Updated: 9/27/2022
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yes it is, it has not come out yet actually NBA elite is NBA live but NBA live changed it's name to NBA elite, PAul PIerce will be on the cover

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Q: Is NBA elite 11 a video game?
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How much is nba elite 11?


Who is on the cover on NBA live 11?

There Isn't One It's Called NBA Elite 2011 Now.Kevin Durant on the cover of NBA Elite !2011

Will there be a NBA live12?

Actually, The series was Renamed to the NBA Elite Series, This will be the first game of the series because NBA Elite 11 was Cancelled in October, but was released in March, though it might not be visible in Stores. Its Release would might be in Mid or Late October

Who will be on the cover NBA live 11?

There will be no NBA live (Elite) 11 for home consoles such as the PS3 and XBOX 360, however NBA Elite 11 for the iOS features Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Who is going to be on the cover of NBA live 11?

It's not called NBA Live 11, it is NBA Elite 11. Kevin Durant is on the cover. NBA 2k11 has Michael Jordan on it.

When does nba elite 11 demo come out?

in this month

When does NBA elite 11 come out in stores?

October 5

When will NBA elite 11 come out?

october 5, 2010

Can Android phones play nba elite 11?


Can you trade NBA live 10 for NBA live 11?

No. Because NBA Live had changed is label to NBA Elite 11 and was cancelled, due to glitches and a late release.

What year does NBA live 11 come out?

It is called NBA Elite 11 but it's not good. I suggest getting NBA 2k11. Both games are already out.

How do you unfreeze NBA elite 11?

You probably can't, it is scratched or damaged.