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Q: In what event did a woman win the first Olympic medal presented to a female?
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In hat event did a woman win the first Olympic medal presented by a female?

croquet croquet croquet

Who was the first women's olympic trampolinist?

The trampoline became an Olympic event in 2000. There is no first women in the trampoline event. The link below has who what won medals in what year.

Where did swimming first become an Olympic event?

swiiming became an olympic sport in 1896

What was the first olympic event in 1984?

tree chopping

Why was the first Olympic event held?

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What olympic event did the first woman compete in?


When did long jump become a Olympic event?

since the first international Olympic games in 1896 :)

What was the first recorded in modern day olympic event?

In 1896, the first recorded event was the Men's Triple Jump.

Who was the first female olympic swimmer?

Annette Kelllerman

What was the very first winter Olympic event?

The first event of the first Winter Olympics (1924) was the 500 meter speed skating race, won by US skater Charles Jewtraw.

What was a medal event for the first time in the 2000 Olympic games?


What event is first to take place at the London Olympic games?