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Click on the '2007 Red Sox Roster' link on this page to see the players and their ages on the 2007 Red Sox.

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2007-08-26 23:33:11
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Q: How old are the players on the Boston Red Sox?
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What was the Red Sox old team name?

The Boston Red Sox used to be called the Boston Braves.

How did the Boston Red Sox get their name?

The Boston Red Sox got their name from the Red Stockings team that once played in Cincinnati. A few Cincinnati players moved the team to Boston taking the Red Stockings name with them. Eventually the Boston Red Stockings adopted the name the Boston Braves; the club is now based in Atlanta, and still retains red as one of its uniform colors. The Boston Red Sox, established in 1901, adopted their version of the old nickname in 1908..

What is the average age of a Boston Red Sox player?

As of the 2014 season, the average age of a Boston Red Sox player is 29 years old.

What is the font for the Boston Red Sox?

Wild West or Old West are very close.

How did Sam and his old roommate meet?

They played baseball together for the Boston Red Sox.

How old are the Boston Red Sox's?

They have been in the league since 1901, when the AL was founded.

Boston Red Sox pitcher Mike Timlin is how old?

He was born on March 10,1966. you can do the math.

How old was Babe Ruth when he played his first Boston Red Sox game?

19 years old ... Ruth was born February 6, 1895 and played in his first game for the Red Sox on July 11, 1914.

Which Boston Red Sox player hit the last home run in the old Yankee Stadium?

Dustin Pedroia

Where did the Boston Red Sox get their name and what did their uniform look like?

The Red Sox took the old Boston Braves name of Red Stockings and changed it to Sox in the 1900's. They were originally known as the Pilgrams and also the Beaneaters but team nicknames weren't official in those days and were often the brainchild of local sports writers.

Why did Tom Seaver stop pitching for the Boston Red Sox?

The Red Sox granted Seaver free agency after the 1986 season. He was 41 years old and at the end of the line. He retired after the 1986 season.

The redsox old team name?

The Red Sox were called the Americans to differentiate them from their National League Boston team called the Nationals.

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