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The teams to win it is Real Madrid, A.c.Milan, Inter Milan, Barcelona, Liverpool, Benfica, F.C.Porto, Ajax.Manchester United and Bayern Munich.

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Q: How much teams that have won thechampion league titles?
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Which players earn more NBA NFL or Major League Baseball?

MLB because there isn't a Cap on how much teams can spend on any one player.

Are all football pitches the same size?

Not at all; standard school football pitches are much smaller than Premier League pitches, for example. Also, some of the English teams in lower leagues have smaller pitches at their home grounds than those of the bigger teams.

What are farm teams and how are they used?

A farm team, or feeder team, generally refers to a team or club whose role it is to provide experience and training for young players, with an agreement that any successful players will move on to a bigger side at a certain point. This system can be implemented in many ways, both formally and informally. The term is also used as a metaphor for any organization or activity that serves as a training ground for higher-level endeavors. For instance, sometimes business schools are referred to as "farm clubs" for the world of business. In the United States and Canada, Minor League Baseball teams operate under strict franchise contracts with their major-league teams. The vast majority are privately owned, and therefore can and often do switch affiliation, but players on their rosters are completely under the control of their affiliated Major League Baseball teams. Virtually all major-league players worked their way up through the minor leagues first, with the rare exceptions usually only being Japanese baseball players. Teams are usually in smaller cities, and players are paid much less. The existence of the minor league system is partly due to major league baseball's ability to include a reserve clause in the contracts with minor league baseball players, which gives a major league team exclusive rights to a player even after the contract has expired. This is possible in baseball because of a 1922 Supreme Court decision, Federal Baseball Club v. National League, which grants baseball a special immunity from antitrust laws.

Is sfu better than ubc for soccer?

The Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) soccer league is much better than NCAA 1. Sfu is playing in the NCAA 2 and their teams are not even as good as the teams in CIS.Ubc has been undefeated for the past year and half. Also With a 3-0 win over the Whitecaps you can see that Ubc is the number one team.

Why national league playing American league?

The American League came to be in 1900. It was formed by joining together several minor league teams (and not by splitting off from the National League). In 1900, Ban Johnson (president of the Western League, the strongest of the minor leagues) and Charles Comiskey (who owned the Chicago White Sox franchise) wanted an open competition with the National League. So, they created the American League. The American League joined the majors in 1901, and the Chicago White Sox won the very first American League pennant. Winning the Pennant in either league was the pinnacle of success as the two leagues did not compete against each other in the World Series until 1903 when each league sent one team - the one that won their respective Pennant - to the World Series. That practice continues until today (with the exception of two years - 1904 and 1994. Why the leagues are named so similarly "American" and "National" remains a mystery; "American League" may be a throwback to the previous NL competitor, American Association. The American league is Yankees, Rangers. The Nationals league is Phillies, Mets, Braves, Giants, Nationals, Redsox, Cardinals and Pirates.

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How much do teams get if they pass to the 16 of champion league?


How much teams are in the CFL?

The Canadian Football League has eight teams. A ninth franchise has been awarded to Ottawa, but the team has not been created yet.

What are the eighty countries that have little league baseball teams?

Chinese Taipei won the most titles then the west Japan and mexico

Where could one go to get information regarding Major League Baseball teams?

To get information regarding MLB teams one can go to the official MLB website where there is much information and statistics regarding all the teams. One can also get information from ESPN.

How much is the dry cleaning bill for a Major League Baseball team?

MLB teams wash their own uniforms in on sight washing machines.

How much do MLB teams practice?

Major League Baseball teams practice at least six times a week, sometimes they even practice seven days. Their practices last about 4 hours each time.

How much money do English premiership teams get each season?

Different teams in the Premier League have different levels of profit. In 2013, for example, Arsenal made $456.9 million, and Manchester United made $585.9 million.

Can major league baseball teams spend as much money as they want on payroll or only as much as they earn through baseball revenues?

As much as the city feels appropriate to invest in the team. The NHL has incorporated a "salary cap" to reduce the amount of unfair teams. But the MLB has not introduced this rule and should never do it.

Does Manchester United Suck?

No. Manchester United are currently on top form and although they might not be guaranteed a win, they could give even the best of teams such as Real Madrid and FC Barcelona a run for their money. Rooney may not be the next Lionel Messi but he is on the best form that he has ever been on making the opponents teams life much harder. New players such as Ashley Young are also proving themselves worthy of playing for the top club. They have won a record breaking 19 league titles, contributing to the fact they are one of the best teams ever.

Which players earn more NBA NFL or Major League Baseball?

MLB because there isn't a Cap on how much teams can spend on any one player.

How much money is the sporting goods industry?

I want financial figures on how much money is made from uniforms to major league teams. I want to know how much money does organized sports brings in. How much revenue is associated with all sports.

Do Mexico teams play basketball?

Yes. Although it is much less known than Mexican football (soccer), basketball is one of the most popular sports in Mexico, especially among youngsters. There is even a national basketball league, which includes 16 teams.