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Q: How many years has it been since England won the world cup?
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How many years have the new England patriots been playing in the nfl?

55 years. Since 1960

How long has the religion in England been around?

Maybe about 110 years because some british Indian's did come to England before world war 1 so it could be 110 years but the Pakistani Muslim's began to come about 50 or 60 years ago

How many years has Queen Elizabeth II been the queen of England?

She is not, and never has been, The Queen of England. There has not been a Queen (or King) of England for over 300 years. England is a part of, but not the same as, The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. She has been Queen of The United Kingdom since 6th February 1952.

How many years has the world cup been on for?

Since 1930

How many years has it been since World War 3?

There has been no World war 3. So the answer is 0...

How long as mykel hawke been married to Ruth England?

Since 2005 so 7 years

How many years have the world cup been going on for?

Since 1930

How many years has been since World War 2?

World War 2 ended on August 1945, so it has been 67 years as of September 2012.

How many people have lived since the world was made 6000 years ago?

The world is 4.5 billion years old. There has been billions of people who have lived and died since the first humans.

How many years has the world cup took place?

the World cup has been taking place since 1930.

Who is better in soccer England or netherland?

Netherlands has been better than England since the world cup. Netherlands is ranked higher as it is in the top 5 while England is only in the top 15.

What is The treaty between America and England that made England pay for stolen trade goods?

America helped England in the world wars and since then they have been supporting each other and so this is why that happened.