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The Canucks have not won a Stanley Cup in their 40 year history.

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Q: How many times has Vancouver won the Stanley cup?
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Has Vancouver won the Stanley Cup?

Yes! The Vancouver Millionaires won the Stanley Cup in 1915. The Vancouver Canucks have not yet won a Stanley Cup.

Why There Was A 2011 Vancouver Stanley Cup Riot?

Because Vancouver Did Not Win The Stanley Cup.

How many times have the Vancouver Canucks played in the Stanley cup?

As of 2017, three appearances in the finals.

Did Vancouver win the Stanley Cup?

Vancouver Canucks have made it to the Final three times, but failed to win the Stanley Cup. However, prior to the formation of the NHL, when the Stanley Cup was a challenge trophy, it was won by the Vancouver Millionaires way back in 1914/15.

Did Vancouver ever win the Stanley Cup?

Yes, the Vancouver Millionaires won the Stanley Cup in 1915.

How many Stanley Cups has Vancouver won?

Vancouver won 1 Stanley Cup in 1915, when the local team was the Millionaires. The Vancouver Canucks have not yet won the Stanley Cup, but have appeared appeared in the Finals in 1982, 1994 and 2011.

Who won the Stanley cup in 1915?

The winner of the 1914-15 Stanley Cup was the Vancouver MillionairesThe Montreal Victoria's

Has it really been 94 years since the Vancouver canucks won the Stanley cup?

No; the Vancouver Canucks have never won the Stanley Cup.

How many times has the kings been in the Stanley cup?

the kings have been to the stanley cup 7 times

Did the Vancouver Canucks win the Stanley Cup in 2011?

No. The Vancouver Canucks lost in game 7 of the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals to the Boston Bruins.

How many Stanley cup have the Montreal canadiens lost the Stanley cup?

9 times

Has Vancouver ever won a Stanley cup before?


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