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There are 32 teams in the world cup.

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Q: How many teams are in the world cup all together?
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How many NfL teams are in a division?

4 teams in a division,16 teams in the NFC all by itself,16 teams in the AFC all by itself,and 32 teams all together.

How many Super Bowls have NFC teams won all together?


How many teams attended in all world cups?


How many teams go to worlds out of all the teams in the world?

thats what im asking and no one knows

How many athletes in the Olympics all together?

There are around 1400 athletes and 205 Olympic teams.

When did all the Pittsburgh teams win the world championships?

The Pittsburgh Pirates Won a World Series title in the years 1909, 1925, 1960, 1971, and 1979.

How many people play on one soccer world cup team?

um 11 on the field and idk about other teams but the isa has 23 player all together on their world cup roster

How do you choose teams to be in the world cup?

All of the international teams play the qualifying tournament to see which teams move on to the world cup.

How many countries are there all together in the whole wide world?

There are all together 195 counties in the world

How many different teams play water polo?

There are thousands of teams, many of them amateur, it is almost impossible to locate and count all of the clubs and teams across the world, each club may have many teams of different age groubs, abilities or genders, you can imagine the scale of the task.

How many channels and archipelagos in the world?

1032 all together

How many matches will there be in the World Cup?

64 all together