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about 5 or 6

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Q: How many substitute players are on the bench in a game soccer?
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How many reserve players are on the bench in a game of soccer?

7 players are on the bench but only 3 can be used in 1 match.

How do you substitute on Real Soccer 2010 for iPod Touch?

just go to game plan and substitute players

How many players are there in one set game of soccer?

16-11(players including goalkeeper) + 5 substitute

How many substitute players are in a game of soccer?

Ussually in a league game there are 6 or 7 substitute players but only 3 of them may enter the pitch during a league game. In a friendly there can be a maximum of 12 substitute players and the number of substitues a coach can make is unlimited.

How many players are allowed on the field during a soccer game per team?

At a time there are eleven players each with five substitutes on the bench.

When can either team substitute an unlimited number of players in soccer game?

Never. Substitutions are limited to 3 per match.

How many players are there in soccer?

In soccer, the sport is played with 11 players on each team. There might be more than 11 players if you count the substitute players that might participate later in the game. The players make an effort together to try to score on the opposing team.

Who runs more in a game baseball or soccer players?

Soccer players

How many substitute player in a soccer game?


Who are on a soccer team?

An average soccer team usually contains: 3/2 goalkeepers, and about another 17 outfield players (defenders, midfielders, and strikers). The minimum players a team can contain is 18 players in all. In every game, a team starts with a goalkeeper and 10 outfield players. Usually (depending on the competition rules), there are 6 substitute players (in case a player gets injured, or if the manager decides to substitute a player).

In a game of soccer how many players play?

11 players

In an afl game how many players are on the field and bench?


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