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A team may make 3 substitutions per match.

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In football a team can have several players on the bench but of thos players only 3 can be subbed

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about 5 or 6

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Q: How many Number of substitutes in a world cup football match?
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How many substitutes can you have in World Cup 2010?

In a world cup match you can have only five substitutes per each game.

From which year onwards substitutes are used in world cup football?


How many substitutes may be used by a team during a match at the 2010 FIFA World Cup?

3 substitutions are allowed per match.

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How many subs in a world cup match?

In the EPL...3 Subs Universally in the main its also 3 subs

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Switzerland beat Spain 1-0 in the first match of the group stage in the 2010 World Cup.

Who will win in next football world cup?

The team that scores more points in the final match.

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There was a football game on Christmas day DURING world war I

Which was the most enthusiastic match in the football world cup so far?

I think it was Uruguay vs Ghana.

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