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398 with the Milwaukee Braves

335 with the Atlanta Braves

22 with the Milwaukee Brewers

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Q: How many home runs did Hank Aaron hit as Atlanta Brave?
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What did Hank Aaron do in Atlanta?

In 21 seasons with the Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves Hank Aaron had a career batting average of .310, 733 home runs, and 2,202 RBIs.

What team did Hank Aaron play for when he hit his 715th home run?

Atlanta Braves

Who hit the Most home runs by a Brave?

Hank Aaron hit 755 lifetime home runs for the braves.

What team was Hank Aaron playing for when he broke the home run record?

Hank Aaron was a member of the Atlanta Braves when he broke Babe Ruth's home run record on April 8, 1974.

Who is the Oakland pitcher who Hank Aaron hit his first home run off of as a Milwaukee brave?

In 1954 Hank Aaron hit his first career home run as a Milwaukee Brave off St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Vic Raschi. Oakland did not have a team in 1954.

Hank aaron home runs?

Hank Aaron has 755 career home runs.

Who was the atlanta pitcher the day Hank Aaron hit his 715th home run?

The starter was Ron Reed.

Who was the last pitcher Hank Aaron hit a home run off as a Milwaukee Brave?

The Milwaukee Braves moved to Atlanta for the 1966 season. Aaron's final home run in the 1965 season came off of Philadelphia Phillies' right hander Ray Culp on September 20. It was Aaron's 398th career home run.

Who caught the 715th home run of Hank Aaron?

Hank Aaron's teammate Tom House caught the ball in the bullpen and ran over to return it to him at home plate. The baseball and the bat he used to hit it are now on display in the Atlanta Braves Hall of Fame. Click on the 'Hank Aaron's 715th Home Run' link on this page to see a tape of the historic moment when Hank Aaron hit his 715th home run.

Where did Hank Aaron hit homer number 755?

Hank Aaron's final home run came in Atlanta against the California Angels on July 20, 1976. Dick Drago was the Angels' pitcher.

Why is 1974 important to the Atlanta Braves?

1974 is when Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth's home run record with his 715th home run.

What city did Hank Aaron beat Babe Ruth's home run record?

Hank Aaron tied Babe Ruth at 714 in Cincinnati to open the 1974 season on the road. On April 8, 1974, Hank Aaron hit career home run number 715 off L.A. Dodgers pitcher Al Downing in his home park in Atlanta.

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