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33 -10

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Q: How many games have Los Angeles Lakers won and loss this year?
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How many games have the Los Angeles Lakers won?

Overall? 2941

How many games have the lakers won?

2,970 wins, 1,841 losses in Los Angeles

How many NBA titles do the LA Lakers?

The number of championships the LA Lakers have won is 10. 2009-10 Los Angeles Lakers 2008-09 Los Angeles Lakers 2001-02 Los Angeles Lakers 2000-01 Los Angeles Lakers 1999-00 Los Angeles Lakers 1987-88 Los Angeles Lakers 1986-87 Los Angeles Lakers 1984-85 Los Angeles Lakers 1981-82 Los Angeles Lakers 1979-80 Los Angeles Lakers 1971-72 Los Angeles Lakers The Lakers franchise has won 15 altogether. 1953-54 Minneapolis Lakers 1952-53 Minneapolis Lakers 1951-52 Minneapolis Lakers 1949-50 Minneapolis Lakers 1948-49 Minneapolis Lakers

How many champions do lakers have?

Los Angeles Lakers have 9 championships.

How many NBA games do the Los Angeles Lakers have to play for 2011 regular season?

Just like any other team, the Lakers played 82 regular season games

How many championship does lakers have?

The Los Angeles Lakers have 16 NBA championships.

How many wins did the 2003 Los Angeles Lakers have?

In the 2003-04 season, the Los Angeles Lakers had a 56-26 record.

How many time have the Celtics made it to the championship since 1990?

Twice. In 2008, they defeated the Los Angeles Lakers in six games. In 2010, the Lakers defeated the Celtics in seven.

How many champs does lakers have?

The Los Angeles Lakers have 17 championships which is 1 st place.

How many nba finals have the lakers won?

The Los Angeles Lakers have won 16 championships 11 in Los angeles and 5 when they were in Mineoappolis

How many times lakers won nba finals?

5 times with Minneapolis Lakers and 9 times with the Los Angeles Lakers.

How many championships do the Los Angeles Lakers have and out of how many chances?

the LA lakers have 16 NBA Championships out of a 31 attempts.

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