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Q: How many games do you miss in world cup for a red card?
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How many games do you miss for a red card?

You get ejected from the game you got the red card in and then you miss the next match.

How many games do you miss in soccer for a red card?


How many games you miss for a second yellow card in one game?

You miss 1 game for a second yellow card in one game.

How many games do you miss in Football for a red card?

The rest of the match you received the card in along with the next match

How many games do you miss if you get sent of in football?

It depends on what you did to get the red card but it is usually one game.

In professional soccer how many games do you miss if you get a straight red card in soccer?

Its is usually one game but it also depends on what you do to get the red card.

How many games does a player misses after red card in CAF tournaments?

i play soccer myself......... I think that you miss 1 or 2 games

How many games you are off for one yellow card?

You will not miss a game for having only got one yellow card in a match. In some competitions if you get a number of yellow cards over a series of matches, you will miss a game. There are different rules about that.

How many games are you allowed to miss for pop warner?

you are allowed to miss two games. If you miss more, you are not allowed to participate in competition.

Do you get suspended in soccer with a red card?

In the FIFA World Cup tournament and in many leagues, a player getting a red card will miss the rest of the match and also the next match. Some leagues suspend players for several games at a time for accumulating several red cards throughout a season.

How many games did Emmitt Smith miss?


How many games did Lou gehrig miss?


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