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Well to be precise, 0, however they did win the old school championship games under Paul Brown but officially no Super Bowl rings.

Prior to the Super Bowl beginning in 1967, the Browns won 4 championships in the All American Football Conference (1946-1949) and 4 championships in the NFL (1950, 1954, 1955, 1964).

Actually, since the question asked how many "championship titles" do the Cleveland Browns have, the precise answer is 8. While the NFL prefers to discount the AAFC records, the AAFC issued a challenge to play the NFL champ each year of its existence. The NFL declined, perhaps wisely, considering that the Browns first regular season game in the NFL in 1950 (the AAFC folded after 1949) was a 35-10 stomping of the NFL's 1949 champion Philadelphia Eagles. The Browns won the NFL championship '50, '54 and '55, lost in the title game in '51, '52, '53 and '57 and lost a playoff game in '58.

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Q: How many championship titles do the Cleveland Browns have?
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