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The United States will have 647 athletes at the 2008 Games in Beijing.

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2008-08-09 03:41:21
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Q: How many athletes are on the Olympic team from USA?
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How many athletes does the United States have for the 2010 olympic winter games?

After Looking At the Team USA Athletes on, i have counted 223.

How many athletes are on the 2008 USA Olympic team?

There were 595 athletes at the opening ceremony. But I'm unsure as to how many more there are competing that didn't go.

How are athletes being selected for the 2012 Olympic Tae Kwon Do team from the US?

There are USA Taekwondo Olympic Team trials where the prospective competitors compete and the winners are selected to the team.

Do USA Olympic athletes get paid?

Absolutely not!

What are the names of the Olympic athletes who made up the 1996 USA swimming team?

See Related Links to be directed to the 1996 US swim team roster.

How many American athletes are competing in the 2008 summer Olympic games?

According to the 2008 Olympics Opening parade stats, USA has 647 athletes so USA has the most athletes thus far of all the countries.

How many gold medals did the 1980 US summer Olympic team win?

The USA boycotted that Olympic game.

Who provided the clothing for USA athletes for the opening 2008 Olympic ceremony?

Ralph Lauren

1980 olympic USA gymnastics team?

the USA did not send an Olympic team to the Moscow Olympics in 1980 so did not have anyone representing the USA in the gymnastic disciplines.

How many skaters make the USA figure skating olympic team?

As many that are good enough to join it!

How many athletes does Mexico has competing in Beijing Olympics?

USA has 647 athletes. USA has 647 athletes.

What country has the biggest Olympic team in 2012?


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