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This is tricky as there's no agreed definition of Scottish; obviously one cannot base it on accent. The most obvious test of being Scottish is having been born in Scotland.

There have been a number of Scottish PMs since 1945:

  • Harold Macmillan (PM, 1957-63) liked to claim that he was descended from crofters. However, he was educated at Eton and Oxford. Not born in Scotland
  • Alec Douglas-Home (PM, 1963-64) prided himself on being Scottish but, like Macmillan, he was educated at Eton and Oxford and many Scots were dismissive of his claim to be a Scot. Not born in Scotland
  • Tony Blair (PM, 1997-2007) is surely a Scot as he was born in Edinburgh though he doesn't talk about it. (Educated at Fettes and Oxford).
  • Gordon Brown (PM, 2007 -?) is a Scot. He was educated at Kirkcaldy High School and the University of Edinburgh. This makes him the first Prime Minister since Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman (PM, 1906-1908) to have attended a Scottish university.

Several pre-WW2 PMs were Scottish (e.g. Ramsay Macdonald, Arthur Balfour and Henry Campbell-Bannerman). They were all Scottish born.

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There have been 74 Prime ministers of Great Britain and Northern Ireland up until the 2010 elections. That is how many Election there have been. There have been 53 Prime Ministers that are different.

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Hennrik Larsson, and Darren fletcher.

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Q: How many Scots have won the premiership?
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