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cardinals stink

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2010-11-05 01:10:24
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Q: How long have the cardinals played football?
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What football team was Bill bosworth on?

The football team that Bill Bosworth played on was the Louisville Cardinals. Brian Bosworth played professional football for the Seattle Seahawks.

How long has the cardinals football team been from Arizona?

Since 1994.

When was Lamar Cardinals football created?

Lamar Cardinals football was created in 1923.

When was Louisville Cardinals football created?

Louisville Cardinals football was created in 1912.

How long did Emmitt Smith play professional football?

Emmitt Smith played for 15 seasons ... with the Cowboys between 1990-2002 and with the Cardinals between 2003-2004.

When was Ball State Cardinals football created?

Ball State Cardinals football was created in 1924.

What is the cardinals home state?

It depends which cardinals. Football Cardinals are in Arizona and Baseball Cardinals are in Missouri.

How long did emmit smith play pro football?

Emmitt Smith played professional football for a total of 15 years, his first 13 with the Dallas Cowboys, and his last 2 with the Arizona Cardinals. He retired from the NFL after the 2004 season.

What division are the Az Cardinals in?

The Az Cardinals can also be known at the Arizona Cardinals, and are an American football team. At the moment, the Az Cardinals are in the Western Division of the National Football Conference.

Have cardinals ever played for a football championship?

Yes, They played for the NFL Championship in 1947 and 1948. They verse the Eagles both times. In 1947, the Cardinals won 28-21. In 1948, the Eagles won, giving the Cardinals there only lost. They where 13-1

How long has Albert Pujols played for the Cardinals?

since 2001- present

Who did Mia Hamm play for?

Mia Hamm played for the U.S ladies football team, and the Cardinals as wel I am told.

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