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Q: How long have the Houston Astros been red?
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What are the colors of the Houston Astros?

Brick Red, Sand, and Black

What are team colors of Houston Astros?

They are red,white. and black.

What are the team colors of the Houston Astros?

The team colors are Black, Brick Red, and Sand.

What 4 teams has Roger Clemens played for four Major League Baseball?

Boston Red Sox , Toronto Blue Jays, New York Yankees and Houston Astros.

What 4 teams did Roger Clemens play for?

1) Boston Red Sox 2) Toronto Blue Jays 3) New York Yankees 4) Houston Astros

Has Boston Red Sox ever played in Houston Texas?

No. The Red Sox and Astros have met for only one series, that being June 13-15, 2003 at Fenway. Boston won all three games.

Who did the Red Sox receive from the Houston Astros in return for Jeff Bagwell?

Larry Andersen. Bagwell was traded on August 30, 1990 to the Astros for Andersen who was a short relief pitcher at the end of his contract. He pitched 22 innings for the Red Sox in 1990 and, after the season, was granted free agency and signed with the San Diego Padres.

What is the value of an Astros 1986 World Series press pin?

1986 Houston Astros Phantom World Series Press PinThe 1986 World Series featured the New York Mets (4) and the Boston Red Sox (3). The 1986 Houston Astros finished in first place in the NL west but lost in the playoffs to the Mets. The Press Pin you have is a "Phantom Press pin" A Phantom Press Pin is a pin or any product produced in anticipation of a team making the playoffs, or World Series but not used when the team failed to make it. A 1986 Houston Astros Phantom World Series Press Pin is worth about $20.00 - $30.00

When was Houston Red Storm created?

Houston Red Storm was created in 2006.

What was the best baseball season for the Houston Astros?

The Astros best regular season record was 102-60 in 1998. They were defeated by the San Diego Padres in the NLDS that season, 3 games to 1. The Astros only World Series appearance was in 2005 where they lost to the Boston Red Sox, 4 games to 0. Their regular season record in 2005 was 89-73.

What baseball players name starts with a Q?

Chad Qualls is a pitcher for the Houston Astros. Humberto Quintero is a catcher in the Boston Red Sox organization. Jose Quintana is a pitcher for the Chicago White Sox.

Which pitchers faced Roger Maris in both leagues?

Some include Claude Osteen (Washington Senators, Los Angeles Dodgers), Juan Pizarro (Chicago White Sox, Pittsburgh Pirates), Bo Belinsky (Los Angeles Angels, Houston Astros), Jack Lamabe (Boston Red Sox, New York Mets), and John Buzhardt (Chicago White Sox, Houston Astros).

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