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how lon has American football been invented

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Q: How long has American football been invented?
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Did Rinus Michel invent American football?

No, Michel came around long after the game had been invented and had nothing to do with it.

When was Dave Long - American football - born?

Dave Long - American football - was born in 1944.

How long have the Pittsburgh Steelers been playing football?

Since 1933, they are one of the first teams in the American Football League.

How long American football been around for?

well the egipgins played it so about 2000 years

When was Dustin Long - American football - born?

Dustin Long - American football - was born on 1981-11-30.

When was gridiron changed to the name football?

American football, sometimes called Gridiron, has always been called "Football" in the United States since it was invented. This is why Americans refer to Association football as "soccer", even though the English (who invented the word) generally stopped using that word long ago. The name "Gridiron" comes from a name used to describe or refer to the American football field of play, so-named because of the grid-like jail-bar pattern the lines make.

How long have the Oakland Raiders been in the NFL?

The Oakland Raiders joined the National Football League after the merger of the National Football League and American Football League in 1970.

How long was football been around?

The time football has been around for is a long timeFootball has been around for a long time but we do not know how long it has been around

How manyyards are in a football field?

In American football, it is 100 yards long.

What is an American football also called?

It is also called a "pigskin" although the ball has long been made of leather.

Who is pop warner?

He invented football a long time ago.

How long is the American football field?

American football field is rectangular of 120 yards long and 53.33 wide with goalposts at both ends.

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