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Q: How long did Wayne Gretzky play on a line with Gordie Howe?
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Who was the famous production line for the Detroit Red Wings?

Ted Lindsay, Red Kelly, and Gordie Howe were on the famous production line for the Detroit red wings

What was great about Wayne Gretzky's performance?

Wayne Gretzky's only claim to fame was his ability to score and pass. He was great at that (first all time) but he was also very unphysical. That's why his line mates were generally tougher.

What did Wayne Gretzky do for right to play?

He brought the players payday in line with what the other major sports were receiving.

The famous production line which finished 1,2,3 in NHL scoring one year, consisted of which 3 players?

Ted Lindsay, Sid Abel, Gordie Howe

Was Wayne Gretzky on any Canadian Olympic team?

Yes, there was a year he was on the same line with Mario Lemieux. Scary duo.

Who played on Wayne Gretzky's line during their cup runs?

it used to be gretzky carrying it in and setting up jari kurri for the one-timer.also, usually esa tikkanen played on gretzkys left but, sather could change it from shift to shift.

Who were some of Wayne Gretzky's linemates?

Jari Kurri is Gretzky's best known linemate. Paired with No. 99 since he arrived in Edmonton, Jari was joined by fellow Finn Esa Tikkanen to make the "Finnish Sandwich" line. Kurri was later traded to Los Angeles to re-join Gretzky there, but they were rarely on the ice together. In L.A., Gretzky was paired at times with Luc Robitaille, but is best remembered for leading the line of Tomas Sandstrom and Tony Granato. In St. Louis played with Brett Hull, but the pairing was never as prolific as was expected.

Who was Gretzky's main line mate in the Dynasty years?

Jari Kurri

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