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50 feet

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Q: How far is a 3 point shot grade school?
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How far is a three point line from the basket in a 5th grade?

Depends on your school.

Is grade 6 hard?

Put it this way: If your work has given you acceptably good grades thus far in school, sixth grade is going to be no harder to adjust to than any previous grade was. More to a point: Does your schoolwork suddenly get much harder in sixth grade? No, it does not.

How far do you have to throw to make a 3 point shot in basketball?

outside of the 3 point circle

How far is the sixth grade basketball three point line?

20 feet

What is the shot that hurts the most?

well, for all the shots that ive taken so far in my life (im 12) the booster shot from the 6th grd to the 7th grade has to hert the most.

Why is the three-point shot called from downtown in basketball?

Freddie Brown graduated from downtown Milwaukee's Lincoln High School in 1967, where other high schools gave him his nickname "Downtown Freddie" Brown, and he was often amongst the top free-point shooters in the league. Downtown Freddie Brown was captain of the SuperSonics' 78-79 NBA championship team. When the three point shot was adopted into the NBA in the 79-80 season, he led the league in 3 point shots, and during this time, it became a saying, referring to "downtown" as a far shot (3 point shot).

If 6th grade students don't reach their goal in nwea or you went down one point do they go to summer school Please answer right away?

It will depend on how far from the goal the student is at the end of the school year. Most students do,however, need to attend summer school when their goal in nwea is not met.

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Yes it is one of the best Louisiana schools there is by far. There are about 775 kids attending Herndon as am, I herndon is a four star school and or grade a school

How far is high school girls free point line?

15 feet

How far is the three point line in elementary school?

Around 2 metres.

What is the best private school in Georgia?

Woodward Academy. By far the best. Superior education, grades prekindergarten through 12th grade.