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email the the equipment manager and anybody else that seems important.

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Q: How do you become a college football ball boy?
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Who was the little fat boy in monster's ball?

Coronji Calhoun

Why did people invent football?

because college students were bored of playing regular sports back in the 1800s in Princeton and they wanted to play something similar to rugby and soccer. so they invented football Walter camp did Football was invented because college boy's all over wanted to play a sport similar to rugby and a little bit different from soccer so Walter Camp invented a game called "football" in the late 1880's in Quebec. There had to be a sport that could capture spectators from baseball and become the new national pastime.They wanted a game thet would be fun and would give a lot of exercise.And they wanted a sport that was diffucult, but if you try your hardest you'll suceed.

What is the song on fifa football 2004 on Game Boy advance?

Jerk It Out - Caesars

How can you make your boy into a NFL player?

He has to like football, and he has to be good. IF he likes football, get him into some minor leagues and remember to be behind him 100%. The main thing is to get him into organized football early and often.

Where did football originate?

The origins of football is hotly debated, from Mexico to China, but the current game as we know it is from England.Football is said to have been invented in England in 1863. It was in this year that the first association governing the game was founded. Football refers a number of sports which involve kicking of a ball.The Ivy League schools were playing variations on a kicking game as far back as the 1820s. The first recognized intercollegiate football game took place in 1869 between Rutgers and Princeton, in New Jersey, although that game probably looked more like soccer than the modern game of football we know.The game started to resemble American football in the 1870s, when a standardized set of rules was drawn up based on the English rugby code. Over the next 40 years, several innovations slowly changed the game from rugby into what we know today, including the line of scrimmage, a down-and-distance system, and the forward pass.So there was no one place where the game was invented. It evolved over many years, starting as a game that looked a lot like soccer and eventually growing out of rugby. Football/soccer was invented in England, the first registered football association was Sheffield FC in 1857.

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How do you become ball boy for a football team?

on offense you give your ref the ball and on incomplete passes you give them the ball

How do you become an NFL ball boy?

To become a ball boy you usually need to have an in with the team you want to ball boy for or know the owner.

Do Soulja Boy play football in collage?

no, soulja boy is not in college.

What do you call the people who collect the ball at the side of a football pitch?

Must be the ball boy.

If a boy gos football and he is good on the corners and can do tricks and good at passes is there a good change he could become a football star?

no u gotta be a profesional at everything at football to become a football star

How do you become a dude in college?

First, the doctor has to yell out, "It's a boy!" Then, you have to go to college.

What is a ball boy in cricket?

A ball boy is a person whose job it is to retrieve balls from the field of play and return them to the players.

In what movie is Adam Sandler a college football star?

not football coach but longest yard i thinkand waterboy

What is a good present for a teen boy who is interested in sport and is turning 14?

Cricket pads, football goal posts, a rugby ball, a nice football or possibly a a fancy cricket bat

What schooling do you need to become a soccer player?

You do not need to go to school for football. Pele was a shoe shine boy.

Did Kaka go to college?

No I doubt it very much, as a very young boy he was playing football in Brazil and at 20 he joint A.C.Milan.

Where did dodge ball become famous?

What is the name of the animated short of rthe little french boy who talks fast