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Yes, they have won twice

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Q: Have the Utah jazz won an nba championship?
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How many times have the Utah jazz won the nba championship?

They Have won no Championships

Has Utah ever won a NBA championship?

The Utah Jazz have been to the NBA Finals on a couple of occasions (1997 and 1998), but lost to the Chicago Bulls both times. As such, Utah has never won an NBA Championship.

Who won the NBA championship in 1998?

Chicago Bulls defeated Utah Jazz 4-2 to win the 1998 NBA Championship.

When was the last time Utah Jazz won the championchip?

The Utah Jazz have never won the championship.

Who won the 1996-97 NBA Championship beating the Utah Jazz 4 to 2?

Chicago Bulls

Did Utah jazz ever win a championship?

The Utah Jazz won the Western conference championship in both 1997 and 1998 but got beat in the NBA Finals both times by the Chicago Bulls.

Which team won 2 games vs the Chicago Bulls in the 1997-98 NBA Championship Series?

Utah Jazz

Have the Utah jazz ever won a championship?

no but they have been to the nba finals 2 times and lost to Chicago both times

What team won the NBA Championship in 1998?

The Chicago bulls with Michael Jordan and team won the NBA championships in 1998. Jordan secured the teams sixth championship with a jumper in a 4-2 series against the Utah Jazz.

What teams where in the NBA finals in 1997?

The 1997 NBA finalists were the Chicago Bulls and the Utah Jazz. The Bulls won the series and grabbed their 6th NBA Championship crown. Michael Jordan won the finals MVP award.

Who won the NBA championship game in 1997?

The 1997 NBA champion is the Chicago Bulls. They defeated the Utah Jazz 4-2 in a best of 7 championship series. Michael Jordan hailed as the finals MVP and his 6th with the Bulls.

What city hs never won a championship of any kind witha all 4 major sports teams?

I know Utah has only one proffessional team in the jazz who have never won a nba championship series.

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