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Q: Have millwall ever on the European cup?
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What year did millwall get into the uefa cup?

it was in 2004

Did Ireland ever win the European cup?


When Have Netherlands Football ever won Soccer European Cup?

they have woin the European Cup 4 times, the last time was in 1995

Did the Lisbon Lions ever get beat after winning the European cup?


Who won the fa cup in 2004?

Manchester United beat Millwall 3-0 in the 2004 FA Cup Final

Did Arnold Muhren ever get a European cup winners medal?

He won a UEFA Cup medal with Ipswich Town in 1981. He also won a European Cup Winners Cup with Ajax in 1987.

Has West Bromwich Albion F.C. ever won a European Cup?


Have European countries ever won a would cup outside or Europe?


Did Poland ever win the European cup?

I don't think so

did arsenal ever win the European champions league cup?

no. they are rubbish.

Who has played in an FA cup final as a player manager?

Dennis wise for millwall vs Manchester united fa cup final 2004

When was the last time man u won the fa cup?

2004 when they beat millwall 3-0