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There has been a woman coach.

Teresa Phillips coached one game for Tennessee Tech against Austin Peay on Valentine's Day, 2003.

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Q: Has there ever been a female coach for a Men's Division I team?
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Has there ever been a woman coach for college mens basketball?


Who was the first black female coach to win the Super Bowl?

There has never been a female coach period in the nfl.

Has there ever been an ncaa college basketball coach to win a championship in division I II and III?

No i dont thank there has ever been

Was there ever been a female head coach of a professional men's basketball team?

Natalie Nakase, Saitama Broncos of the Basketball Japan League. I wouldn't know of anyone else.

How long has the mens ncaa tournament been going?

How many mens ncaa tournaments have there been

Who is the coach for Baylor basketball?

Baylor University in Waco, Texas has two very successful Division I college basketball programs. Baylor is a member of the Big XII. The coach for the men's team is Scott Drew and the coach of the Lady Bears is Kim Mulkey. Both of these coaches have been with the Baylor program for the past eight years. Coach Mulkey has been there even longer. Inheriting programs that were struggling, Coach Drew and Coach Mulkey have brought their programs into the NCAA tournaments with Coach Mulkey winning the National Championship in 2004 and reaching the final four last year (2010). Coach Drew and the mens team reached the Elite Eight. For more information about these coaches, research the Baylor website to discover their incredible success and backgrounds.

Who is the head coach of the UCF Knights football team?

George O'Leary has been the head coach of the UCF Knights football team since 2004. The Knights are a Division I team from the University of Central Florida.

Which mens basketball team has been to the final four the most?

which mens basketball team has been to the final four the most?

Has there ever been a Black head football and basketball coach for a division 1 school at the same time?

Stanford University. David Shaw is the football coach and Johnny Dawkins is the bball coach. Just hired a black athletic director at Stanford too. #gocard

Who was the first female NCAA basketball coach?

No woman has ever been a head coach of an NCAA men's basketball team, but Bernadette Mattox was the first female bench coach when she served as an assistant to Rick Pitino's Kentucky Wildcats from 1990 through 1994. Kerri-Ann McTiernan's head coaching stint at Brooklyn Kingsborough Community College makes her the only female to be the head coach of a men's college basketball team at any level. Teresa Lawrence Phillips actually coached the Tennessee State men's basketball team for one game when the regular coach had been suspended back in February of 2003.

Has there ever been a football coach who won a national championship at both division 1 and division 2?

This question is difficult to answer, given the "mythical" national championship in Division 1-FBS (I-A) and the fact that Division 2 was only organized in the 1970s (previously known under different names, including "college division"). There have been coaches to win national titles at both the FBS and FCS levels (Jim Tressel being the most recent, having won at Youngstown State and Ohio State), but there are no verifiable instances of a coach winning a D-II and D-I-FBS title since Division 2 was officially chartered.

Does Boston College have a baseball team?

Yes, Boston College has a fairly good Division 1 baseball team. The head coach of Notre Dame came from having been the head coach at Boston College a couple of years ago.

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