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Eric Cantona

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Q: Has any player played for leeds and Manchester united?
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Has any player played for Liverpool leeds Manchester united and Chelsea?

No, as far as I am aware, there is no player who has played for Leeds United who has also played for more than one of Liverpool, Chelsea or ManYoo. You can confirm which players have played for Leeds United and those other clubs at: Hope this helps. David W

Who played for leeds united and man city?

Currently Kasper Schmeichel has played for Manchester City and currently plays as Goalkeeper for Leeds.

For which team did Eric Cantona play?

Eric Cantona played for Leeds United and Manchester United!!

Who did Rio Ferdinand play for before Manchester Utd?

Rio Ferdinand played for Leeds United before playing for Manchester United.

What team is better Leeds United or Manchester United?

Manchester United is better and that is a fact

Are Leeds better Manchester United?

Leeds United have been better all the time!

How many times have Manchester united defeated leeds united?

not a 100% sure but reacently leeds beat Manchester 1-0 !

What is the best footy team in the world?

not manchester united, LEEDS LEEDS

Distance from leeds to Manchester airport?

The flight distance from Leeds, United Kingdom to Manchester, United Kingdom is: 33 miles / 54 km

Why did leeds utd sell Eric cantona?

Leeds United sold Eric Cantona to Manchester United as they were need of money and Manchester paid them well.

Who won against Manchester united recently in a football match?

leeds united

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