Has a punter ever been drafted?

Updated: 12/20/2022
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Yes, there are usually one or two punters draft each year. There have been 8 punters chosen in the last 4 drafts: 2008 - Durant Brooks from Georgia Tech drafted by Washington in the 4th round. 2007 - Adam Podlesh from Maryland drafted by Jacksonville in the 4th round.

Daniel Sepulveda from Baylor drafted by Pittsburgh in the 4th round.

Brandon Fields from Michigan State drafted by Miami in the 7th round. 2006 - Sam Koch from Nebraska drafted by Baltimore in the 6th round.

Ryan Plackemeier from Wake Forest drafted by Seattle in the 7th round. 2005 - Dustin Colquitt from Tennessee drafted by Kansas City in the 3rd round.

Reggie Hodges from Ball State drafted by St. Louis in the 6th round.

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Q: Has a punter ever been drafted?
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Ray Guy, drafted in the first round by the Oakland Raiders in 1973, is the only punter to be drafted in the first round in the NFL draft.

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Ray Guy from Southern Mississippi by the Oakland Raiders in 1973.

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From 2001 until present (2009), the Bills' punter has been Brian Moorman.

Who is the Dallas Cowboys' punter?

Chris Jones has been the No. 1 punter of the Dallas Cowboys since the 2012 season.

Who was the last punter picked before Mesko in NFL draft?

Pat McAfee, drafted in the 7th round of the 2009 NFL Draft by the Indianapolis Colts.

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